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Executive Director
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ANYTOWN ANYTIME is a holistic series that aims to develop Guilford County students and educators into champions of respect and inclusion.  Building on the powerful and proven concepts and practices of NCCJ’s award-winning ANYTOWN summer leadership camp, ANYTOWN ANYTIME offers programs year-round.  Ranging from weekend and year-long to hour-long programs, NCCJ offers a diverse range of activities to improve the human relations climate in schools and local communities. The typical program, ANYDAY, is a full-day of program for 25-35 students from a specific school. 

ANYTOWN ANYTIME trains ANYTOWN graduates and other youth to serve as leaders and mentors to their peers in programs and practices that bridge differences and build community. Countless NCCJ youth leaders across the county have organized special events on their campuses; hosted human relations days and unity events; started Gay-Straight Alliances, social justice and multicultural clubs; and taken leadership roles in student human relations commissions and student councils. ANYTOWN ANYTIME harnesses student power as an effective resource for enhancing school climate.