#morethanastereotype campaign




Every day, we are bombarded with stereotypes.  Ideas of who we are and what we should be.  Limitations put on us based on our gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or class.  Labels that define us to the world, whether they’re accurate or not.

Over and over again, ANYTOWN graduates and program participants said that more than anything, they wanted to prove these stereotypes wrong.  They wanted to break down these ideas and dismantle the system that perpetuates them.  They wanted to tell the world that they are #morethanastereotype.

In response to this feedback, NCCJ of the Piedmont Triad is launching a national social media campaign: #morethanastereotype.  While it may have started with our ANYTOWNersrs, this campaign is for EVERYONE.  NCCJ wants this campaign to go viral, bringing in participants from across the community, and the nation, who want to show that each of us is more than meets the eye.


How do you get involved?

Download our poster template, make your own sign or stop by our office (713 N. Green Street; Greensboro, NC) and fill out a poster. Write down a stereotype that you defy, then snap a picture of yourself holding the sign.  Put it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #morethanastereotype, and tag NCCJ.

If you’re interested in getting a group together, let us know at NCCJ.  We can supply the #morethanastereotype posters.

How to find NCCJ on Social Media?

Social Media Platform Search For
Instagram nccjtriad or @nccjtriad
Twitter NCCJ Triad or @NCCJTriad
Facebook NCCJ of the Piedmont Triad

What next?

Get others involved.  Encourage your friends to do the same; take it to work, school, church or practice.  Tag people you know and challenge them to show the world how they are #morethanastereotype.



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