Programs of NCCJ of the Piedmont Triad

Throughout the year, we host adult, community, interfaith and youth programs which infuse our mission into the Piedmont Triad community.

NCCJ’s broad-based rather than single constituency approach makes it unique as it works against all forms of discrimination and bias.

NCCJ's model is distinctive for its remarkable capacity to develop leadership among all populations simultaneously. People hailing from the most privileged backgrounds work with members of marginalized and even disenfranchised, alienated groups to create more just, safe and productive environments. The ignorance and fear that foster prejudice, bigotry, and “-isms” are reduced as people begin to work and live successfully with those who are different from them.

• INDIVIDUALS are guided by NCCJ through an interactive process of
• INTROSPECTION. With a clearer understanding of self, individuals are better prepared for genuine
• INTERACTION with others. This process prepares participants to be champions of
• INCLUSION, a vision that ensures that our world is a better place for all of and not just some of us.