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Watch Kem Ellis, NCCJ's Amendment One Task Force Chair, read position statement

"...a community of inclusion and opportunity"

Read NCCJ's statement on the outcome of the Amendment One vote.

On February 16, 2012, NCCJ's Board of Directors voted to adopt the following position statement regarding Amendment One:

The National Conference for Community and Justice of the Piedmont Triad (NCCJ) strongly opposes Amendment One (the "Marriage Amendment"), which would write discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation into the North Carolina Constitution.

NCCJ is dedicated to fighting bias and bigotry in all their forms. We believe that the same opportunities should be available to everyone, including people of all sexual orientations.

If approved by voters, Amendment One would deny civil rights to a minority group and enshrine discrimination and exclusion as the law in North Carolina. It has no place in our state's constitution.

Guilford County has a proud heritage of leadership in the fight for civil rights and a record of opposition to bigotry. We must continue our efforts to build a community of inclusion and opportunity — a community where all people of goodwill are welcomed, respected, and encouraged to contribute to the common good.

We urge our community to affirm their support of civil rights by voting against Amendment One on Tuesday, May 8.