No Hate in Our Town

The National Socialist Movement (neo-Nazis) has chosen to hold their regional conference in Greensboro this week. A coalition of religious, business, government and community leaders committed to values of respect and inclusion met to discuss the appropriate response when our town will host a conference dedicated to spreading the ideas of hatred and exclusion.

We have a simple and unequivocal answer - Greensboro has no room for hate in our town! The strength and richness of our community is in its diversity. We are proud to hail from a Greensboro that is home to people from diverse religions, races, sexual orientations, national origins, economic and social classes, ages and physical characteristics and disabilities. We are proud to hail from a Greensboro that has multiple organizations, leaders and residents committed to working on issues of inequality, injustice and racism. We are proud to hail from a Greensboro that knows that it must stand up and speak out when hate comes to our town.

We urge all people who object to messages and actions of bigotry and racism to stand with us as we express our reaffirmation to justice and respect for all. We ask you to lend your voice to a thunderous chorus of justice by signing the following resolution and wearing a multi-colored ribbon this weekend as a public witness for unity, inclusion and equity.

No Hate in Our Town

In response to the National Socialist Movement (neo-Nazi) conference in our city, I join with others in affirming my commitment to continuing our community's efforts to build a Greensboro free of bias, bigotry and racism.

We encourage all people to signify their commitment to building bridges of understanding by wearing a multi-colored unity ribbon beginning this weekend. Together, we will build a community that is safe, just, inclusive and respectful of all.

If you would like to add your name to those who affirm this simple but important resolution, click here to sign the resolution.